Important Features is the best way to hire an attorney because it is easy to use, 100% confidential, and economical.


They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. was born when its founders needed to hire an attorney out of state and had difficulty doing so. Typically when Olav Prinz von Sachsen needed an attorney he turned to his wife, Dorothy von Sachsen, a licensed Nevada attorney, to handle the matter for him. However, when Olav received a criminal speeding ticket in Arizona, where his wife isn’t licensed to practice, finding an attorney to handle the case for a reasonable fee took over twenty phone calls. That is when Olav said to Dorothy, “Hiring an attorney should be an easy and well informed decision like buying something on ebay.”  Together Olav and Dorothy von Sachsen co-founded, a win-win for clients and attorneys.

Selecting the right attorney is an important decision. The American legal system is extremely complex, each of the fifty states has its own association, to which attorneys must be admitted in order to practice law in that state. It is important to evaluate an attorney’s expertise, experience, and reputation before you hire him or her. was designed to make it easier to make an informed decision when hiring an attorney. All of the attorneys must provide detailed biographical information before they may bid on a client’s case. The site is color-coded, green for clients and brown for attorneys, to make navigating the site even easier. is designed to allow clients to post their cases anonymously and confidentially by selecting case details through our case detail selector boxes. This process allows clients to only give enough information to allow our attorneys to make an appropriate bid on the case. When attorneys compete for a case, a client wins an attorney who is ready, willing, and able to represent the client right now, at a competitive rate, and the attorney wins a new client, thus creating a win-win for everyone on