Choosing the Right Attorney - Hiring an attorney is an important decision. The client should consider the attorney's education, reputation, and experience. Price should not be the sole determination.

Bids - All of the bids are estimates and they are not binding. The attorney will inform the client of his rate or contingency fee once they meet in their confidential conference room and the attorney knows all of the details in the case.

Case Details - The case details are general and only meant to give the attorney more information so that his or her bid will be more accurate.

Contingency Fee - Certain cases like accident cases are usually handled on a contingency fee basis. At we felt it was more important for clients to hire an attorney based on his or her profile rather than a specific percentage. Attorneys are unable to bid with percentage and may only click a contingency fee button to bid on a case alerting the client that he or she is available and willing to represent the client on a contingency fee basis.

Confidentiality - All cases are posted confidentially. The client's identity is only revealed to the attorney whom he or she selects for representation. Once a client selects an attorney, they both meet in their own virtual "Confidential Conference Room" where the client discloses his or her specific case details to the attorney for the first time. The client can decide to hire the attorney or consult with other attorneys. The attorney is also able to decline representation for any reason he or she chooses but still owes the client a strict duty of confidentiality.

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