Attorney FAQ

Client FAQ


1. Are clients obligated to hire an attorney once they post a case?
No. Our free service does not obligate clients in any way.

2. Do clients have to pay for
No. Our service is free for clients.

Posting a Case

1. Why can't I enter specific details about my legal case?
We do not allow clients to enter their case details in a concerted effort to preserve not only their own confidentiality but the confidentiality of the other parties to the legal matter.

2. Will my username appear anywhere on the site or on the case that I post?
No, your username is only created so that you can log back into the website and see what kinds of bids your case has received and to continuously communicate with your attorney via our site.

3. May a client post a case on someone else's behalf?
Yes. If you're trying to find the best attorney at his or her most competitive rate for a loved one, a friend, or a co-worker, we welcome your post.

4. Is there a fee to post a case?
No. Our service is completely free for clients.

5. I'm usually not good with computers. Is posting a case for me?
Absolutely! We've made posting a case simple, easy, and fast. All you have to do is choose the type of law that your legal matter pertains to and a few details that will automatically appear for your selection.

Communicating with Attorneys

1. What do attorneys know about clients before they bid to represent them?
Nothing that can reveal the identity of the client is posted with the case so the attorney has no idea whom he or she is bidding to represent.

2. What happens after I choose an attorney to possibly hire?
You both meet in a private, secure, confidential conference room where your first and last name will be automatically revealed to the attorney. It is in this room where you will reveal the details of your case for the first time.

3. What happens if I want to hire the attorney after the consultation?
You let the attorney know that and he or she will send you his or her own attorney-client agreement form for you to sign.

4. May I consult with more than one attorney?
Yes, you may consult with as many attorneys as you need before you make your final decision.

5. Will I ever meet my attorney face to face?
That is up to you and your attorney. There are certain cases, such as criminal defense, where meeting one's attorney is necessary. However, if you need an attorney to draft contracts, write your will, or other similar services, then meeting in person may be unnecessary.

Attorney Bids

1. Is the amount the attorney bids the amount he or she will charge me?
No. Due to the limited nature of the case descriptions, the attorney does not have enough information to make a totally accurate bid. Attorney bids are only estimates.

2. An attorney bid "contingency fee". What does "contingency fee" mean?
When an attorney takes a case on a contingency fee basis, it means that the attorney will only receive payment for services if he or she wins an award or judgment in the client's favor. These types of cases are usually more complex and at we felt that a few percentage points one way or another should not be one of the factors that clients consider when ultimately choosing an attorney. The decision should be based on information found in the attorney's profile such as education, background, experience, reputation, area of expertise, etc.